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Offering the very best in metalworking and manufacturing fluids.


Designed to reduce heat and add lubrication, our coolants decrease friction and corrosion, extend tool life, reduce operating costs and ensure a quality end product.

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From our proprietary metalworking cleaners, to our degreaser, to our hydraulic systems cleaners, our top of the line cleaning fluids will ensure your company is running at its peak performance.

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Drawing & Stamping

AFT, Inc. offers an extensive line of custom formulated metalworking fluids, designed to meet a wide array of drawing and stamping applications.

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Rust Preventatives

Specially formulated, AFT, Inc.’s rust preventative products offer superior protection in a variety of metalworking and manufacturing processes.

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About Us

The mission of Advanced Fluid Technologies (AFT, Inc.) is to address, solve and custom formulate to your company’s specific operational needs. AFT, Inc. is dedicated to providing only the very best in metalworking and manufacturing fluids, including coolants, cleaners, de-rusting products, drawing and stamping fluids, hydraulic and way oils, rust preventatives, straight oils, and specialty products. We will work closely with you to assess your unique needs to reduce costs, increase profits and help your company consume less through cost containment.

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A Quality Endorsed Company

At AFT, Inc., we single source the majority of all raw materials in order to ensure the highest quality and consistency standards. In addition, we have instituted the highest quality control program for all outgoing products, and all of our manufacturing procedures, raw materials testing, and quality procedures are written to comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

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More Products from AFT, Inc.

Available in standard and spray options, our de-rusting products are a must for the metalworking industry!

AFT, Inc. offers a variety of hydraulic oil, way (slide) oil, and gear & spindle oil – all designed to reduce wear and tear.

Our Rust Preventative products are specially formulated to offer superior protection in a variety of metalworking and manufacturing applications.

Reduce friction and increase tool life with straight oils developed by AFT, Inc. – no dilution required!