Be Ultra Clean! Use our wide array of cleaners for applications including parts washing, machine cleaning, and floor cleaning.

AFT, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of metalworking and multi-use cleaners to keep your company running at peak performance, with each designed to be ideal cleaning solution for our other industrial fluid products. From degreaser, to hydraulic systems cleaner, to specially formulated metalworking cleaners, we have what you need. AFT, INC. can even formulate our cleaners with protective, anti-rust, biocide, and other additives.

Hydraulic Systems Cleaner

A heavy-duty cleaner formulated to clean out hydraulic systems, Hydraulic Systems Cleaner will clean all residue and buildup, leaving a clean system once drained and ready for fresh hydraulic oil.

Machine Clean MB3

Formulated with a biocide, Machine Clean MB3 provides the heavy-duty cleaning needed to tackle bacteria, fungus, mold or algae.

Prewash Cleaner

A low foam, oil popping, cleaner used prior to the heat treat process. Prewash Cleaner will remove coolants, oils, dirt, chips, chlorinated paraffin’s and other contaminants.

Ultra Clean MB2+

An aggressive, heavy-duty, low foaming, aqueous spray wash cleaner formulated to remove graphite-impregnated drawing oils and heavy stamping oils from ferrous alloys.

This is just a small selection of the formulas we offer. Please contact us for a complete product list.

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