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Grinding and Sawing

High Performance Oils for Tough Jobs

The extreme pressure and wetting performance of ATF, Inc.’s grinding and sawing oils ensure these heavy-duty oils can withstand any job you have. Clean running, our unique formulas will not break down under an extreme environment.

Advanced Grind 45

A low viscosity, chlorine free, non-active sulfur grinding oil that contains a unique additive package that give excellent performance. Used in the grinding of copper, bronze, and brass, it has a light color that makes viewing the workpiece easy, while its lubricity characteristics ensure superior finishes.

Veg Cut Plus

An ester-based lubricant designed for use in sawing and machining applications by flood, drip, or misting. Can be used on all materials and is compatible with most post process operations such as welding, blazing, painting, etc. Provides excellent lubricity for extended tool life and machinability.

This is just a small selection of the formulas we offer. Please contact us for a complete product list.

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