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About Advanced Fluid Technologies, Inc.

A Mainstay in the Metalworking & Manufacturing Fluid Industry

Founded in 1998 on a desire to provide unique, customer specific products for the metalworking industry, AFT, Inc. is an industry leader in specialty chemical manufacturing formulations, developing products for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, and refrigerant companies.

At AFT, Inc., we formulate, manufacture, and sell our own proprietary products and formulations such as metalworking fluids, cleaners, rust preventatives, drawing and stamping compounds, forging compounds, hydraulic and way lubes, straight cutting oils, and acid specialty products. AFT, Inc. is committed to providing the industry with specialty chemical products which in turn provide superior corrosion protection, eliminate biological and dermatitis problems, and reduce problem causing residues.

Our Capabilities

The staff at AFT, Inc. is comprised of technical experts in the areas of product research and development, problem solving, engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing. Our sales engineers, fluid team coordinator, service technicians, and management staff have experience with the manufacturing process, and are capable of analyzing and identifying fluid or process related problems. We have the expertise needed to match unique needs with existing products, or if necessary, we can develop a new product to suit individual needs.

From a product perspective to service oriented issues, our dedication to the customer through our experience and flexibility makes us a leader in the industry.

AFT, Inc. is a honored to be a member of the Jackson Area Manufacturing Association, the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, and the National Federation of Independent Business.

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