Rust Preventatives

Prevent rust and oxidation.

AFT, Inc.’s assortment of proprietary rust preventative products offer both short and long term rust protection formulas to accommodate a variety of metalworking and manufacturing needs. For machinery that has not been pre-treated, our line of de-rusting products not only remove existing rust, but prevent future oxidation.

Our rust preventatives are designed to offer superior protection, and come in a variety of formulas including:

  • Oil Based Rust Preventatives
  • Soluble Oil Rust Preventatives
  • Solvent Based Rust Preventatives
  • Water Based Rust Preventatives
  • Cleaner and Rust Preventative Formula
  • In Process Rust Preventative/Water Jet De-Burr Fluid
  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

AFT, Inc.’s oil based rust preventative fluids are formulated for extended indoor use, are water dispersing, and offer superior rust protection on all ferrous metals.

AFT, Inc.’s soluble oil rust preventative formulas are water soluble and offer long term protection against rust (up to 6 months).

Offering up to 2 years of rust protection, our solvent based, water-displacing rust preventatives provide superior defense against rust.

From standard indoor storage use to severe climate conditions, our water based rust preventatives provide protection in a unique blend that is customized to your needs.

RP 45M2

An oil base, long term indoor rust preventative with M2, RP 45M2 is water dispersing and formulated with acid scavenging capabilities to provide superior rust protection on all ferrous metals, especially cast iron.

RP 206 - Soluble Oil Long Term Rust Preventative

RP 206 is a water soluble rust inhibitor with long term rust protection capabilities, providing up to 6 months of protection with an oil film that can be easily removed with a mild alkaline or solvent cleaner.

RP 250 – Solvent Based, Long Term Rust Preventative

RP 250 is a solvent based, water-displacing corrosion preventative formulated to provide excellent long term (2-years plus) indoor protection, and designed to pass > 90 hour salt spray analysis.

RP 526P

TRW approved, this water-based synthetic rust preventative is developed with a unique blend of materials that can replace solvent and standard oil-based corrosion preventatives for superior indoor storage. RP 526P is designed for ferrous metals and will leave a clear “dry to the touch” coating.

For superior rust protection with the added benefit of a built-in cleaner, AFT, Inc. offers unique fluid formulations designed to tackle both jobs.

AFT, Inc.’s line of In Process Rust Preventatives/Water Jet De-burr Fluids can be used in an array of applications and offer excellent wetting properties for a spot free finish.

Our scale and corrosion inhibitors are formulated to be safe for all metals and offer enhanced corrosion and scale protection.

RP 310CM - Cleaner & Rust Preventative

RP 310CM is a medium duty cleaner and rust preventative product, formulated to clean coolants, chips, dirt and foreign material off ferrous metals, and offers a typical indoor storage protection time of 30 days.

RP 700 - In Process RP or Water Jet De-burr Fluid

RP 700 can be used on ferrous and aluminum materials as an in-process RP or in a water jet de-burr process. RP 700 will not foam up to 6000 psi, and provides 15 days of indoor storage protection with outstanding wetting properties that will leave a spot free part, using R.O. or D.I. water.

RP 600CL - Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor

Ideal for Closed Loop Re-circulating Systems, RP 600CL provides excellent cooling properties with worry free scale and corrosion buildup protection. Safe on all metals and will not degrade cooling systems.

This is just a small selection of the formulas we offer. Please contact us for a complete product list.

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