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AFT, Inc. has developed a full range of metalworking coolants, cleaners, rust preventatives, and drawing and stamping compounds, all specifically formulated to meet any production requirements. We focus on developing new product formulations to meet changing needs in metals and operations, in waste discharge restrictions, and in environmental, health and safety concerns.

In order to ensure the highest quality and consistency, we single source the majority of all raw materials. AFT, Inc. has instituted the highest quality control program for all outgoing products, and all of our manufacturing procedures, raw materials testing, and quality procedures are written to comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards.


AFT, Inc. offers an extensive line of coolants formulated to reduce heat generated by tool and surface friction and recoup lost energy during the metalworking process, making the manufacturing process more efficient. More info.


Our comprehensive line of custom formulated metalworking and multi-use cleaners, from prewash formulas, to degreasers, to system cleaners, are designed to keep your company running at peak performance. More info.


AFT, Inc.’s superior de-rusting products are a must when it comes to metalworking! Our de-rusting formulations are designed to not only remove surface rust, but also prevent future rusting. More info.

Drawing & Stamping

Our drawing and stamping metalworking fluids can handle light to heavy duty metal forming applications, and are available in a wide array of formulations to suit a variety of manufacturing needs. More info.

Hydraulic & Way Oils

AFT, Inc. offers a wide selection of hydraulic oil, way oil, and gear and spindle oil, designed to lubricate machinery and reduce wear and tear. More info.

Rust Preventatives

AFT, Inc. rust preventative fluids offer enhanced rust protection and provide both short and long term protection formulas to accommodate a variety of metalworking and manufacturing needs. More info.

Straight Oils

Our large variety of high quality straight oil cutting fluids are designed for use on multiple applications without the need for dilution – offering both optimal operation and potential cost savings. More info.

Specialty Products

From honing oils, to EDM fluids, to tapping lubricants, AFT, Inc. offers a wide assortment of proprietary specialty formulas designed for the special requirements of the metalworking and manufacturing industries. More info.

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