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Reduce costs and increase efficiency with our line of drawing and stamping fluids.

From light to heavy duty metal forming applications, AFT, Inc.’s drawing and stamping compounds are formulated to have what it takes to stand up to any condition in a multitude of manufacturing industries.

Using the latest technology, AFT, Inc. offers a variety of drawing and stamping fluids, including synthetic, semi-synthetic, soluble oil, straight oil, fine blanking oil, evaporative, and graphite impregnated formulas. Designed to prolong tool life, deter the formation of corrosion, inhibit rust, and reduce operating costs, our products can be formulated to provide a wide range of additional benefits, including the addition of fungicide and biocide, surfactants, extreme pressure agents, and more.

Containing no petroleum byproducts, AFT, Inc.’s synthetic drawing and stamping oils are water-based, transparent, and work well under various conditions (such as operating with hard water). Products available include ferrous and non-ferrous material safe, to all-metals safe formulas.

A special blend of synthetic materials and oil, AFT, Inc.’s semi-synthetic drawing and stamping fluids are formulated to run cleaner than soluble oils, are non-chlorinated, and offer strong lubrication protection and rust prevention. Semi-synthetic fluids can be used in ferrous and non-ferrous drawing applications.

AFT, Inc.’s Soluble Oil (Emulsified) drawing and stamping formulas are petroleum based, contain a higher concentration of oil and extreme pressure additives, and provide strong lubricity and other additional benefits (such as bacterial resistance) to conform to many metal forming needs.

AFT, Inc.’s Straight Oil drawing and stamping fluids, containing extreme pressure additives, are formulated to be used on medium and heavy duty metal forming applications without dilution – providing potential operational cost savings.

Super Draw 150

A very heavy-duty dark drawing oil that contains chlorine and active sulfur. Designed to be used as a drawing/punch lubricant to minimize heat build-up in parts/tools and to eliminate galling. Contains an effective rust inhibitor package to protect against staining. Can be applied by roll, brush, or dip and is easily removed from parts using alkali or caustic cleaner. While it should not be used on copper-based alloys, it is an excellent choice for use in button broaching.

Super Draw 177

A heavy-duty dark drawing oil that contains chlorine and active sulfur. Designed to be used in cold forming, wire drawing, and fine blanking applications. Formulated with premium base oils and a low volatility fatty additive that has proven itself superior to previous technologies. This proprietary combination provides outstanding extreme pressure properties, will aide in improving tool and die life, and will leave burr-free edges on parts.

Super Draw 5572

A medium-duty light-colored drawing oil that is formulated with premium base oils without chlorine and sulfur. It is designed to be used in cold forming and wire drawing, this proprietary formula provides excellent extreme pressure properties, will aide in improved tool and die life, and will leave burr-free edges on parts.

Super Draw 440T

A medium-to-heavy duty chlorine-free synthetic drawing fluid that is a free-rising clean formulation that is designed to be used on all metals. Developed to be welded over after being utilized in the press without creating smoke. The superb combination of additives provide outstanding extreme pressure properties aiding in improved tool and die life while leaving burr-free edges on parts.

Super Draw 800D

A non-chlorinated light-to-medium duty all metals safe drawing and stamping compound. Can be used on ferrous or non-ferrous materials and on stainless steel in a light-to-medium duty capacity. A proprietary additive package for rust protection provides up to 30 days of indoor rust protection on the dilution ratio.

Draw Lube 147

Medium to heavy-duty chlorinated drawing oil containing extreme pressure additives that will inhibit the growth of bacteria and provide excellent corrosion protection. Will not dry tacky and has excellent water solubility.

Fine Oil 101

A heavily extreme pressure fortified chlorine containing fine blanking lubricant. Designed for use on moderate to severe applications. Contains an aggressive rust inhibitor package that provides exceptional corrosion protection and stain control of stamped parts.

This is just a small selection of the formulas we offer. Please contact us for a complete product list.

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