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Reduce costs and increase efficiency with our line of drawing and stamping fluids.

From light to heavy duty metal forming applications, AFT, Inc.’s drawing and stamping compounds are formulated to have what it takes to stand up to any condition in a multitude of manufacturing industries.

Using the latest technology, AFT, Inc. offers a variety of drawing and stamping fluids, including synthetic, semi-synthetic, soluble oil, straight oil, fine blanking oil, evaporative, and graphite impregnated formulas. Designed to prolong tool life, deter the formation of corrosion, inhibit rust, and reduce operating costs, our products can be formulated to provide a wide range of additional benefits, including the addition of fungicide and biocide, surfactants, extreme pressure agents, and more.

Containing no petroleum byproducts, AFT, Inc.’s synthetic drawing and stamping oils are water-based, transparent, and work well under various conditions (such as operating with hard water). Products available include ferrous and non-ferrous material safe, to all-metals safe formulas.

A special blend of synthetic materials and oil, AFT, Inc.’s semi-synthetic drawing and stamping fluids are formulated to run cleaner than soluble oils, are non-chlorinated, and offer strong lubrication protection and rust prevention. Semi-synthetic fluids can be used in ferrous and non-ferrous drawing applications.

AFT, Inc.’s Soluble Oil (Emulsified) drawing and stamping formulas are petroleum based, contain a higher concentration of oil and extreme pressure additives, and provide strong lubricity and other additional benefits (such as bacterial resistance) to conform to many metal forming needs.

AFT, Inc.’s Straight Oil drawing and stamping fluids, containing extreme pressure additives, are formulated to be used on medium and heavy duty metal forming applications without dilution – providing potential operational cost savings.

Draw Lube 440T - Synthetic Drawing & Stamping Fluid

Heavy-duty, water-based and chlorine free, this synthetic drawing and stamping compound may be used on ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Draw Lube 800D - Semi-Synthetic Drawing and Stamping

A light to medium duty, non-chlorinated, all metals drawing and stamping fluid that can be used in ferrous and non-ferrous drawing applications. Provides short term rust protection for 7-14 days.

Draw Lube 305CF - Medium to Heavy Duty Chlorine Free Soluble Oil Drawing and Stamping

A heavy to medium duty chlorine free petroleum based water soluble drawing and stamping fluid. Draw Lube 305CF contains non-chlorinated extreme pressure additives to provide excellent anti-weld and die protection properties.

Draw Lube 500 - Medium to Heavy-Duty Straight Oil Drawing and Stamping Lubricant

A medium to heavy-duty drawing and stamping fluid with extreme pressure additives. Draw Lube 500 is used straight and can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, providing excellent performance and potential cost savings in all applications.

Heavily EP fortified, AFT, Inc.’s Fine Blanking Oil drawing and stamping fluid is formulated with chlorine and sulfur to stand up to moderate to severe applications, and provides excellent rust and corrosion inhibition.

AFT, Inc.’s Evaporative Lubricant is specially formulated for fine stamping and end sheet production in operations with reduced cleaning opportunities, and allows for use on various types of metals.

AFT, Inc.’s Graphite Impregnated Oils are lubricants, formulated with the finest, high purity colloidal graphite, are designed to meet the needs of high temperature metalworking applications.

Fine Oil 45M

A heavily EP fortified chlorine and sulfur containing blanking lube. Fine Oil 45M is designed for use on moderate to severe applications, and has an aggressive rust inhibitor package incorporated to provide excellent corrosion protection and stain control of stamped parts.

Evaporative Fluids

An evaporative forming lubricant with versions designed to be used on copper, steel, stainless and aluminum material. The Draw Lube 790 series is formulated for fine stamping and end sheet production in shops that do not clean their coils as well as normal stamping applications.

Graphite Impregnated Oil

A superior spray forging die lubricant formulated to meet the needs of high temperatures and difficult operations on carbon alloys, stainless steel, and aluminum. Oil Draw 935 is a smokeless and odorless water-base colloidal graphite lubricant to be used in typical applications such as: hot forge steel, warm forming steel, automated systems and forging powder performs.

This is just a small selection of the formulas we offer. Please contact us for a complete product list.

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