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Specialty Products

Utilize the Latest Technology with Specialty Products

By utilizing the latest technology in manufacturing and metalworking fluids, Advanced Fluid Technologies has formulated a wide range of specialty products, including hydrocarbon based electrical discharge machine fluids, cleaning and lubricating solutions, honing oils, and tapping lubricants.

EDM Oil+

EDM Oil+ is a synthetic hydrocarbon based electrical discharge machine fluid. EDM Oil+ exhibits excellent thermal and oxidation stability, which results in long fluid life. The low viscosity of EDM Oil+ allows for quick particle settling and easy filtration.

Hone 100 - Sulfinated Straight Honing Oil

Hone 100 is a direct replacement for Sunnen Hone Oil. Hone 100 uses EP additives will provide excellent stone cleanliness and better surface finishes.

Rubber Slip Compound

Rubber Slip is a water extendable lubricant and slip agent for use on rubber products. Rubber Slip aids in manipulation and insertion of rubber materials to prevent tearing and abrasion, and is compatible with most rubbers such as Buna-N, Polyurethane, Viton, Neoprene, etc.

Tap-II - Tapping Lubricants

Tap-II is a light colored, active sulfur, light viscosity tapping lubricant. The extreme pressure additives are effective in reducing friction at the chip tool interface, allowing for peak performance in ferrous metal applications.

An electrical discharge machine fluid, our EDM Oil is formulated with the highest quality ingredients that enable long fluid life.

Formulated for superior lubricity.

The lubricity of our honing oils will give you an excellent surface finish. Our line of honing oils contains products for a variety of honing applications.

Super CR-1

A concrete form release oil drafted with exceptional technology. This product can be used in dry cast and wet cast forming applications in the construction industry. Effortlessly releases headers and pallets that have been dry cast and is suitable for use in all wet cast applications, specifically pre-stressed beams and architectural applicants. It greatly reduces bug hole formation.

This is just a small selection of the formulas we offer. Please contact us for a complete product list.

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