Be Super Cool! Use AFT, Inc.’s advanced line of coolants for your machining applications.

Through our coolant management services, our technicians can formulate our fluids to provide a wide range of extra benefits by adding fungicides and biocides, surfactants, extreme pressure agents, and other components. As well, AFT, Inc.’s experts can manage your coolant systems and provide continual support to help streamline processes, improving your bottom line.

AFT, Inc.’s synthetic coolants are free of petroleum oil and intended to be diluted with water. Synthetic coolants are transparent, work well under various conditions (such as hard water), and are the cleanest, often highest performing class of coolant.

A mix of synthetic materials and oil, AFT, Inc.’s semi-synthetic coolants are formulated to run cleaner than soluble coolants while offering strong heat reduction, lubrication, and rust prevention.

AFT, Inc.’s Soluble Oil (Emulsified) Coolant formulas, containing a higher concentration of oil, provide good heat protection and lubricity for many operational needs.

Representing a new chemistry in the selection of commercially available soluble machining coolants, AFT, Inc.’s High Oil Semi-Synthetic Coolants, containing polar lubricity agents, can handle the most difficult operations.

Super Cool 725

Chlorinated blue, semi-synthetic, multipurpose coolant formulated for low pressure environments. Used primarily on steel and yellow metals to grind, saw, and turn. Contains exceptional oil-rejecting and biostability characteristics.

Super Cool 735

Chlorinated undyed, semi-synthetic, multipurpose coolant designed for use in hard or RO water in high pressure environments. Utilized on steel, cast iron, aluminum, and yellow metals in general machining operations. Contains excellent oil-rejecting and biostability characteristics.

Super Cool-745

Chlorine-free, macro-emulsion, high performance machining/grinding coolant formulated for use on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Advanced packages provide the highest level of bacterial protection which dramatically reduces waste disposal charges offering exceptional long-term tool life.

Super Cool-3000

Medium-duty clear synthetic machining/grinding coolant designed to be used on ferrous materials. This product offers exceptional protection against attack from microorganisms, provides outstanding rust protection, is free from DEA, chlorine, phosphorus, and sulfur additives.

Super Cool 9913

A water miscible, clear synthetic coolant designed for aerospace, medical, defense, and automotive applications. Formulated for use in high pressure applications it is utilized on all materials to grind, saw, turn, tap, drill, etc. This product is non-chlorinated and has outstanding oil-rejecting and biostability characteristics.

Super Sol 50

A heavy-duty, undyed, chlorinated, soluble-oil coolant designed for machining/grinding applications for use in high pressure environments. Can be used on all metals in general machining applications. Contains excellent oil-rejecting and biostability characteristics.

This is just a small selection of the formulas we offer. Please contact us for a complete product list.

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