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Tips for Extending Sump Life

  • Monitor coolant concentration using a refractometer daily and keep a log.
  • Monitor water quality daily or at least once a week.
  • Prevent Bacteria from Entering Sump – Treat your sump as if it were your swimming pool. Keep Contaminants Out (Body fluids, coffee, pop, food & food wrappers, gum, cigarette butts, chewing tobacco, etc.) These contaminants serve as food source for bacteria.
  • DO NOT add bleach, soaps, mineral spirits, or other foreign materials to your sump. They are not compatible with the coolant, and will break down the emulsifier and deplete the RP and biological protection. This can also cause safety and health issues.
  • Install an automatic oil skimmer on sumps that contain heavy amounts of tramp oil, or skim oil manually using a shop vac to remove it from the sump.
  • Circulate fluid in the sump daily. If machine is idle for an extended period of time, install an air bubbler to circulate the fluid. This is very helpful with sumps that get a lot of tramp oil contamination.
  • DO NOT machine rusty castings. Rust from castings will build up over time and become suspended in the fluid causing machine parts and the machine to rust.
  • When cleaning sumps, do a good job. Remove all mud, sludge, fluids, etc. from the machine and sump. Rinse thoroughly. This eliminates the food source for bacteria and contamination in the new fluid. Ultra Clean 200 Machine Cleaner is recommended for optimal cleaning performance. Record cleaning dates.