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Central System Cleanout Procedure

  1. Treat the system with the appropriate biocide or fungicide (Contact AFT, Inc. for recommendations and assistance with this process)
  2. Circulate the fluid in the system for a minimum of 8 hours.
  3. Remove all of the old fluid from the system (tanks, lines, trenches, pits, etc.)
  4. Remove chains and grates, and clean if applicable.
  5. Remove all mud and sludge from the system, flumes and pit.
  6. Power wash all tanks thoroughly (inside and out).
  7. Power wash the walls and floor of the pit thoroughly.
  8. Power wash flumes, cover plates, grates, etc.
  9. If cleaner is used in the power washing process, rinse thoroughly with water.
  10. Remove all rinse water from the system and pit.
  11. Fill system with water.
  12. Charge the system with coolant.

Note: A confined space permit may be required for certain steps of the process outlined above. Contact a safety director in your facility for guidance on this matter.

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