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Cutting Oils

Enhance Performance & Efficiency with Straight Oils

AFT, Inc. offers a variety of superior quality, petroleum based straight oil cutting fluids – specially formulated to reduce friction and increase tool life. Our straight cutting oil products are formulated to be used on a multitude of machining applications without dilution – providing for peak performance and potential operational cost savings.

Advanced Cut 38SS

A heavy-duty amber colored cutting oil that contains sulfur, chlorine, and wetting/anti-welding agents that is well suited for machining stainless steel. This superior product provides excellent extreme pressure properties in the most demanding metal removal machining applications. It has an anti-mist additive package for low-misting properties, an effective anti-foam package, and is formulated without active sulfur. It can be used as a dual-purpose oil on copper and copper alloys.

Advanced Cut 38SSA

A heavy-duty amber colored cutting oil that contains sulfur, chlorine, and wetting/anti-welding agents that is well suited for the machining of stainless steel. This proprietary combination of additives provides excellent extreme pressure properties when pipe threading, tapping, reaming, or broaching. It cannot be used on copper, copper alloys, or as a dual-purpose oil.

Advanced Cut 14

A light colored and low viscosity cutting oil that is blended with futuristic technology. Contains a combination of wetting agents, chlorine, and active sulfur. It contains a fatty additive package that is performance driven. These additives provide extreme pressure properties when gun drilling, cutting, drilling, tapping, and threading.

Advanced Cut 67

Advanced Cut 67 is a dark, sulfur containing, and chlorine-free cutting oil formulated for use in demanding applications. This oil is recommended to be used ferrous and non-ferrous materials but is not recommended for use on yellow metals. Advanced Cut 67’s additive package is specifically designed to provide oxidation stability and superior lubricity. The proprietary blend of lubricity additives in the Advanced Cut 67 will extend and prolong tool life in a multitude of demanding environments.

Advanced Swiss 90

Advanced Swiss 90 is a light colored chlorine-free cutting oil that contains inactive sulfur. This product has been formulated to provide extended tool life and superior surface finishes. This product is recommended for use on ferrous and non-ferrous materials, as well as stainless steel. Advanced Swiss 90 is versatile and is used primarily for the aerospace and medical industries due to its easy cleanability, transparency, smoke resistance, and low mist levels.

This is just a small selection of the formulas we offer. Please contact us for a complete product list.

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